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Optima Healthcare Solutions delivers more control with Rehab Optima.

The flexible strategies of Rehab Optima improve efficiency beginning at the point of patient care. Our highly efficient solution is amazingly simple to deploy, administer and use on your desktop and mobile devices. All features are secure, customizable, and built from the ground up to comply with industry and government mandates and requirements.

E-Signatures >
Electronic signatures give back valuable minutes to providers, therapists and patients, and improve billing and reimbursements. To learn more about Rehab Optima's secure e-signature capabilities, contact a sales representative today.


Built with providers in mind, electronic signatures save time, reduce errors and increase efficiency while maintaining HIPAA compliance.

Introducing the e-signature solution for Rehab Optima, powered by CliniSign. Rehab Optima now extends the automation of care all the way through provider authorization. At their desk or from any mobile device, doctors can sign, sort and save multiple orders and evaluations electronically, wherever their patient receives care. This helps sustain the momentum of delivering care and eliminates the inefficiencies of printing, paper, postage and more. To adopt e-signatures or to learn more, email your sales rep today.

Mobile Feature


Capturing patient and service details at the point of care significantly improves efficiency.
Rehab Optima’s mobile application works with iOS-compatible devices. Just as important, your therapists gain an important tool for capturing clinical and billing data instantly even when internet connections aren’t available.

Have an Android device?
Rehab Optima 5 Mobile works with Android and iOS compatible devices.



Measures the patient’s overall functional change during rehabilitation.

Track and report on clinical outcomes using a variety of models including the rehab based measures on the NQF endorsed CARE Tool. The cumulative data produced can be used to participate in industry initiatives including quality measures and payment reform in addition to educating payers, customers, patients and referral sources on the value of the services you provide.


Appeals Management

Designed to help you navigate through the ADR and Appeals processes with workflow tailored to your organization.

Our Appeals Management module allows you to set up a workflow to systematically step claims through ADR responses and stages of appeals. The workflow includes triggers and automated assignment of critical tasks to ensure responses are on time every time.

Financials Feature


Managing billing for contract, in-house, and outpatient therapy is made easy by Rehab Optima.

Choose the billing method you need, and let the software step you through the process. Intuitive, proven design reduces errors and speeds up invoicing and receivables.



Rehab Optima is only part of the equation, and we recognize that at Optima.

That is why we have a team dedicated to interoperability with a variety of external applications including Admissions, MDS, Data Analysis, Human Resources, Payroll and Financial systems.  We use standard protocols including HL7 as well as customized interfaces to create a seamless bridge between our products and other products used within your organization.



Capturing high-quality clinical documentation while maintaining therapist efficiency is the ultimate goal, and Rehab Optima delivers.

The perfect balance is achieved through dependency driven requirements and mobile features that enable therapists to defer comments that require more detail to a more suitable time.


Business Intelligence

Improving performance is much easier when your team understands how your business is operating.

Rehab Optima lets you generate more than 100 standard reports for supporting your decision making. It also includes drill-down capabilities that provide a more detailed, granular look at operations across locations along with real-time access to key performance metrics. For those that want even more, Optima provides a Data Warehouse for you to build your own queries against.

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