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Improve patient outcomes and grow your therapy business with the industry’s leading therapy management solution.

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Therapy Management for SNFs and ALFs

Optima Therapy for SNFs provides skilled nursing facilities and assisted living facilities with the industry’s leading therapy management solution. With streamlined operational, clinical and billing workflows, you can focus on what you do best—caring for people—while running a smarter, more efficient therapy business.

Automated Workflows

Automated Workflows

Configurable software streamlines processes by automatically assigning tasks, ensuring improved efficiency and timely responses.

Regulatory Ready

Regulatory Ready

Optima’s regulatory experts ensure the software and your business are always up-to-date well in advance.

Ease of Use

Ease of Use

An intuitive interface makes it easy to use and document care, drive compliance and maximize reimbursement for therapy services.

Case Management

Run your world with the industry’s smartest therapy management software


Quickly set up new patients with minimal required fields or take advantage of our Admissions, Discharge and Transfer (ADT) integration with major SNF EMR systems such as PointClickCare, MatrixCare, AHT, HealthMEDX, SigmaCare, and many more.

Therapy Treatment Plans

Easily set up therapy tracks based on orders for multiple disciplines (including physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy), diagnosis codes, treatment diagnosis codes and planned modalities.

Regulatory Guidance

Optima Therapy for SNF / ALF is continually updated to the highest standards of compliance. If you have a question about a regulation and need to talk to an actual human, our team of clinical specialists are available to guide you through the latest regulatory challenge.

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Schedule the right people at the right time with our intuitive therapy scheduling software

Automated Scheduling

With scheduling templates that automatically optimize treatment plans, therapist availability and patient preferences, you can create more profitable schedules in less time.

Customized Views

Sharpen your scheduling process by quickly viewing the schedule by patient or discipline, so you can understand readiness at-a-glance.

Capacity Alerts

The scheduler constantly calculates capacity and alerts you when a therapist is in danger of reaching their capacity limit, so you never overschedule.

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Documentation at the Point of Care

Document freely and efficiently with anywhere, anytime access


Supported by iOS, Android and Windows, therapists are free to use virtually any device at the point of care, which means you can choose what type of devices to purchase for your organization.

Offline Capability

With therapy notes software that allows you to document anywhere – even without an internet connection – therapists can move around as their day requires, without worrying about retyping notes or losing documentation.

Compliant Documentation

Built-in guardrails help therapists stay on track while treating patients, and ensure that all documentation is complete and compliant.

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Keep the cash flowing with our powerful approach to managing your revenue cycle

Eligibility & Authorizations

Boost reimbursement with automated PT, OT and ST billing software that verifies payer benefits ahead of time, and allows you to customize rules based on payer preferences or invoice requirements.

Invoicing & Direct Billing

With built-in validations to ensure claims and invoices are complete and correct, you can bill faster and keep your revenue stream flowing.

Denials & Appeals

Track and manage ADRs with our Appeals Management tool, which helps you uncover trends in denial types and sources as they’re unfolding, so you can adjust before it’s too late.

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Move the needle with real-time insights into the metrics that matter most

Role-Based Dashboards

View the data that you truly care about with role-based dashboards that serve up the exact metrics you need, when you need them.

Data-Informed Decisions

You can’t make the right decisions for your business unless you have the right data in front of you. Our Business Intelligence tool informs you of the latest trends in your productivity, revenue, quality and more – in real time.

Outcomes Focus

With insights into outcomes by diagnosis, payer or geographical area, you can market your organization’s specialties - winning more business and helping more people.

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Physician eSignatures

Speed things up with electronic signatures you can send and receive instantly

Centralized Document Tracking

Eliminate the burden of chasing physicians for signatures and track all documents in a centralized console that shows what’s out for signature and what’s been signed.

Mobile Access

One-step NPI verification makes physician adoption a breeze. Plus, physicians can sign via their laptop, tablet or mobile phone, so they can keep moving (and signing).

Compliant Record

With a system that automatically files signed documents in the right place in the right patient record, you can achieve true EMRs, and a worry-free office.

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