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EMR and Billing for Home Health Agencies

Optima Home Health meets the demands of any size agency with EMR and billing software that’s simple to use, streamlines operations and improves every aspect of patient care, from referral management and admissions to scheduling and flexible billing. Focus on what’s most important—your patients—without missing a beat (or regulatory deadline!).

Effective Compliance

Effective Compliance

Automatic alerts and visual guidance ensure clinicians, back-office staff and managers provide complete, defensible documentation.

Improved Reimbursement

Improved Reimbursement

Built-in guardrails and validations reduce the risk of non-compliance or under-payment for services delivered.

True Mobility

True Mobility

Access from virtually any device, even while disconnected, makes for happier, more productive clinicians—and improved care.

Intake / Referral Management

Feel the power of the industry’s only proactive referral manager

Relationship-Based Referrals

Track every referral that comes through your door without disrupting conversion rates by marking referrals as inquiries and continuing to proactively nurture relationships.

Paperless System

Get rid of the folders and files floating around your office with home health care software that automatically tracks unfinished tasks and idle referrals. Eliminate the need for clinicians to make unnecessary trips by pushing important documents directly to the point of care.

Multi-Referral Manager

View and access multiple referrals at the same time, so you never lose work on one referral if the phone rings with a new one.

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Schedule smarter and faster than ever before

Order-Driven Scheduling

See all the orders that need to be scheduled at-a-glance, and never schedule out of compliance with order-driven home health scheduling software. If a visit is canceled, the order is automatically marked so nothing gets lost.

Change Audits

View every change that has been made to the schedule in real-time, so you never schedule an appointment in error.

Automated Checks and Balances

Get access to the right information – like productivity, capacity and deadlines – as you’re scheduling, and schedule the right clinician for the job with automatic credential validation.

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Documentation at the Point of Care

Sharpen compliance without restricting clinicians

Instant, All the Time Access

Free clinicians to be fully present while treating patients with home health software that enables them to see the complete case history and timeline at the point of care, with or without an internet connection.

Choose Your Device

With the ability to use virtually any device, clinicians don’t have to deal with technology they’re unfamiliar with and you don’t have to be forced into purchasing expensive devices.

Diagnosis-Driven Care Plans

Evidence-based clinical content prompts clinicians to always include required assessment documentation and create a care plan that addresses the patient’s entire case, including comorbidities.

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Clinical Oversight

Get important information served up on a silver platter

Visit Review Console

Clinical supervisors can quickly review and finalize all the documentation that requires supervision, so billing isn’t held up and care compliance doesn’t suffer.

Document Tracking Console

With one centralized, convenient console to track documents for every patient, gone are the days of spreadsheets and dedicated personnel tracking down documents or missing deadlines. Finally, home health software that actually helps you run your agency.

Patients Nearing End of Episode Console

See all patients that are ten days away from an end of episode, so clinical supervisors can act to satisfy the recertification or follow up with the care team regarding discharge.

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Take control of your revenue cycle, start to finish


Maximize your reimbursement levels and speed days to RAP with home health billing software that has built-in checks that validate claims prior to submission. Save time by batching billing for all payers, or just one payer, for a specific timeframe.

Payment Processing

Easily reconcile and post payments with line-item details. Reconcile and address issues for any non-billable claims with specific reports.

Intelligent Decisions

Monitor, analyze, drill-in and take action using real-time metrics including unbilled RAPs, unbilled EOEs, SOC episodes, ADC by site, non-admitted by reasons, average HHRG rate, census trends and more.

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Unlock the mysteries of your data

Automatic Reporting

Instead of depending on a staff member to run reports or having to search for information, get the information you need pushed directly to you.

Role-Based Consoles and Dashboards

Configurable security rights put you in control of who sees what, so you don’t have to worry about information getting into the wrong hands.

Drill-Down Capability

Drive decisions with the ability to transform real-time data into meaningful insights, and easily drill down to investigate a trend in productivity or efficiency.

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