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Hospice Software Built for Hospices
From the Ground Up.

Eliminate workarounds with purpose-built software
that gets claims to CMS faster – and you to more patients.

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Time is precious, and every second should be spent helping people live life to the fullest in their final days – not struggling with clumsy software. Optima Hospice was built from the ground up for hospices, so clinicians don’t have to waste time answering OASIS questions, filling out unnecessary fields or using frustrating workarounds. Compliance-driven alerts stop clinicians from leaving out necessary information, so you can be confident that documentation is always complete and billing claims are always clean.

Intake / Referral Management

Save time and money with auto-reminders that never quit

Intuitive Admissions

Decrease frustration while enforcing compliance with intuitive admissions that guide intake staff through a new admit, ensuring they don’t skip any necessary information.

Trend Tracking

Monitor and drill down on referral details with a dashboard view of the number of referrals admitted, pending intake or not admitted, so you can determine which issues needing attention.

Timely Notice of Elections

Prevent lost revenue due to late filing of NOEs with auto alerts that prompt you to file the NOE within five days of the patient being admitted, and remind you when you’re nearing the deadline.

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Run your world right from the daily schedule

Flexible Scheduling

New patients can be set up quickly for a Start of Care (SOC) visit with information automatically brought over from intake.

Personalized View

Clinicians can view their daily/weekly/monthly schedule at-a-glance, and simply click on an appointment to drill into that patient’s information.

Actionable Calendar

With the ability to create a visit note directly from the appointment, clinicians can run their day directly from the schedule and avoid navigating through unnecessary screens common in other hospice software solutions.

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Unify your team with the industry’s only living plan of care

Connected Documents

All documentation from all disciplines rolls up under the patient record, so the care team always has access to the information they need for an IDG meeting, without having to pull reports.

Simplified Navigation

Comprehensive screens enable clinicians to flow through the visit without having to click into separate screens or navigate complex workflows. Plus, our auto-save feature ensures nothing gets lost.

Anytime, Anywhere Access

Eliminate frustration from documentation not syncing properly (resulting in lost or inaccurate notes) with our offline capability that keeps clinicians connected to the information they need, even without an internet connection.

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Clinical Oversight

Ensure compliance and safety with hospice EMR software that watches your back

Hard Stops and Alerts

Configurable hard stops block clinicians from finalizing visits until they’re complete, so all documentation is complete. Auto alerts quickly identify which sections need to be completed, so clinicians can resolve outstanding items without wasting any time.

Enforced Comprehensive Assessments

Ensure clinicians are completing comprehensive assessments every 15 days, and rest assured knowing their documentation is specific and detailed. This is hospice management software done right.

Auto-generated Forms and Surveys

Patient information, automatically pulled from documentation, is used to pre-populate IDG forms and CAHPS surveys, eliminating redundant data entry and giving all disciplines insight at all times.

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Clean up your claims with hospice billing software that starts at admission and doesn’t stop until reimbursement

Timely Billing

Automatic UB-04 population, including medications, reduces the burden on billers to gather necessary information before submitting a claim, which speeds up billing.

Real-Time Revenue Insight

Real-time billing reports serve up the latest information so billers understand what revenue is coming in, and are alerted if a claim is missing information or suspended.

Pre-Screened Auditing

Pre-screen claims when generating a batch to identify missing items before they affect revenue. During pre-screening, important information (including lapses in certification) is identified, so you can be confident your claims are clean.

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Take action with key metrics presented to you in real-time, at your fingertips

Role-Based Dashboards

Empower administrators, clinical managers and billing managers with hospice software that gives them easy access to the information they need, including patient demographics, referral stats and forms or re-certifications due to keep things running smoothly and profitably.

Clinician Comparison

See which clinicians routinely reject system-recommended additions to the care plan, what their rate of rejection is and how they compare to the rest of your staff, so you can identify if additional training is needed.

Data Flow from Patient Forms

Revolutionize your operations with our living care plan that pulls information from the point-of-care and uses it to track employee time, identify key trends or generate quarterly reports. Finally, software for hospice care that knows how you work.

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